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Ron Davis' race

to find a cure

for ME/CFS:

Whitney Dafoe -

I'm dying







Ron Davis beseft dat zijn zoektocht naar de oorzaak van ME voor zijn zoon waarschijnlijk te laat resultaat oplevert. Zijn zoon gaf onlangs via een scrabblebord aan (praten gaat niet) te zullen sterven.



Onderstaande video illustreert het hartverscheurende verhaal van Ron Davis:







Help Ron Davis cure his son and the millions afflicted with ME/CFS.


"My son Whitney woke me this morning to inform me that he is dying.


Whitney has severe chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).


He did not say he is dying he cannot speak.


He did not write he is dying he cannot write.


He used scrabble tiles to spell out his message.


I did not answer him he cannot tolerate anyone speaking to him.


The note said he is willing to go to the hospital

even though the experience will be unbearable

hospitals are totally nave on how to treat CFS patients

because of years of denying the existence of the disease.


We need to surgically insert a feeding-tube into his small intestine

because he cannot eat.


This tells me that I am running out of time.


I must find out soon what is causing this disease and how to cure it.


I know I'm not the only one working on this disease

but there are too few researchers, too few medical specialists,

too little research funds and too many patients.


I know that I or someone can figure this out.


It requires a lot of new data and a lot of thinking.


For the past 2 decades I have been involved in

innovation of medical technology and automation

to generate massive amounts of Human data (BIG DATA),

but how do we speed up the thinking?


I spend more than half my time thinking about this disease,

comparing the limited data on CFS and many other diseases.


I try to track back the symptoms to a possible molecular mechanism.


The brain and gut problems could be caused by dysfunctional mitochondria

(the organelle for energy generation in every cell)

but what is the molecular reason for the dysfunction.


Given there are over 1600 genes involved in mitochondria this is a daunting task.

I work on this 7 days a week and will continue to do so until we have an answer."




Ron Davis, OMF Scientific Advisory Board Director




We need your help to fund research for the millions suffering.

All donations to OMF big and small help propel this forward and are tax deductible.





Thank you to all of OMF's supporters.

Thank you from the Davis/Dafoe Family and OMF.

Let's End ME/CFS together!