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Theda Mint

opgesloten in

psychiatrische kliniek

na zelfmoordpoging

(WA Today)






En opnieuw een horror-story over de onmenselijke behandeling van ME-de-patiŽnten...






Chronic fatigue victim Theda Myint locked up at Fremantle Hospital after euthanasia attempt.


Lucy Rickard

April 20, 2011


A Perth woman battling chronic fatigue syndrome was committed to the locked ward of Fremantle Hospital after an attempt to euthanise herself in a desperate bid to address her crippling condition.


Theda Myint, 34, has grappled with myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) Ė better known as chronic fatigue syndrome Ė for 11 years. The condition has left her bedridden with crippling migraines, severe body pain and an extremely low tolerance to light and noise.




While on the medical ward, a psychiatrist reviewed her case in light of her suicide attempt and made the decision to move her onto a locked ward, rescinding her rights and placing doctors in full control of her wellbeing.







Met dank aan Rob.