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Validation in a virus?

(artikel Newsweek)






Het lijkt er op dat de serieuze media hun visie op "CVS" het laatste jaar bijgesteld hebben...


In Newsweek deze week een verhaal over de ernst van ME/CVS en de (mogelijke) rol van XMRV.





Validation In a Virus?


For years, chronic-fatigue syndrome has been dismissed by the medical establishment.

Now researchers may be closing in on a culprit.



by Claudia Kalb

November 28, 2010





In an essay she wrote for The New Yorker in 2003, Hillenbrand described her aching joints, swollen glands, nausea, and exhaustion. The debilitating and unproductive trek from doctor to doctor. The disregard, the shame, and the elusive quest for relief. Chronic-fatigue syndrome plunged Hillenbrand into a state of disorientation; words looked like meaningless shapes; thoughts disappeared. "I was at a sensory distance from the world," she wrote, "as if I were wrapped in clear plastic."




Dr. Andrew Mason, a virologist at the University of Alberta in Canada, says itís time to launch a well-planned clinical trial to test the drugsí effectiveness'. It wasnít until antibiotics were prescribed to treat peptic ulcers, says Mason, that the medical community finally accepted bacteria as the culprit. "Itís the only way to win this battle," he says.




"Patients are clearly ill and suffering, and we need to address treatment as rapidly as we can," says Dr. Ian Lipkin, director of Columbiaís Center for Infection and Immunity. "But the first order of business is to determine if the association is real."