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Mikovits en Ruscetti

participeren (weer)

in overkoepelende


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Volgens Caroline Anderson, auteur van Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Novel, A Tale of Bureaucracy, Money and Belief, heeft Ian Lipkin, leider van een grote MLV/XMRV-studie,

aangegeven dat hij een laboratorium gevonden heeft voor Judy Mikovits en Frank Ruscetti, opdat zij (weer) kunnen participeren in deze belangrijke studie

die uitsluitsel zou moeten geven over de rol van XMRV/MLV in ME/CVS.


Als we het bericht mogen geloven, neemt het lab van het WPI niet langer deel aan de studie

en is de hoop gevestigd op de nieuwe generatie DNA-reeks-bepaling-technieken (NGS).



De website van Nature verschaft aanvullende informatie over de deelname van Mikovits en Ruscetti aan de Lipkin-studie, bijvoorbeeld waarom Mikovits "moet" deelnemen (zie onder).






A conversation with dr. Ian Lipkin


December 15, 2011




Drs. Judy Mikovits and Frank Ruscetti continue to be part of the Lipkin study.


"I have gone to great lengths to make sure they remain involved," Lipkin said in a telephone interview.


Labs at the Whittemore Peterson Insititute will no longer be used in the Columbia University-based study since Mikovitsís split with the institute, Lipkin said. He instead has worked with Mikovits and Ruscetti to find a lab where they would be 'comfortable' working, he said. That lab has been found and there work has resumed, he said.








Chronic fatigue syndrome scientist finds a temporary home


December 15, 2011, 6:15 pm

Posted by Ewen Callaway



Judy Mikovits is taking her work on the road.




Lipkin says he is convinced by work from John Coffinís team at NCI, showing that XMRV emerged in the 1990s as a lab contaminant and is unlikely to underlie CFS (see Science raises questions about XMRV). But he says those findings do not rule out the possibility that CFS patients are infected with related retroviruses that, for some reason, only Mikovits has been able to detect.


Lipkin came to Mikovitsí defence in her latest troubles. He says that she should be entitled to keep a copy of her laboratory records and lamented her arrest. "Itís very, very ugly and the sooner we put all this behind us the better off weíre all going to be," he says.