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De muis die brulde

(kommentaar op

de "vreemde" gang van zaken

rond XMRV/MLV en ME/CVS,

CFS Patient Advocate).















Op zijn website schetst CFS Patient Advocate

(Christopher Cairns: vader van een ME/CVS-patiŽnte, welbelezen en kritisch kommentator)

op ontnuchterde wijze de politiek en machtspelletjes rond ME/CVS en XMRV/MLV.


Zelfs mensen die zich verre van van "komplotdenken" houden,

moeten nageven dat het op zijn zachtst gezegd wonderlijk is

dat vier gelijkaardige studies tegelijk verschijnen (inklusief redaktioneel kommentaar)

dat de "konklusies" van die studies supersnel hun weg naar de grote media vonden

(en meer aandacht trokken dan het recente besluit om patiŽnten als bloeddonor te weren) en

dat alle betrokkenen dezelfde konklusie trekken (XMRV is zeker gťťn oorzaak van ME/CVS),

terwijl die vergaande bewering niet onderbouwd wordt door de betreffende studies, etc.


Een recent en wederom zeer eenzijdig redaktioneel kommentaar in de Britisch Medical

Journal (BMJ) illustreert opnieuw de stelling dat ME/CVS vooral een politieke ziekte is.


Gelukkig is er ook hoop volgens Cairnes: de muis die brult (WPI) komt nog een heel eind...



Hieronder zijn enkele citaten uit het kommentaar van CFS Patient Advocate weergegeven.

Om het gehele artikel te kunnen lezen, klik op onderstaande afbeelding:





The Mouse that Roared*






A year ago a well-known cancer virologist was approached in the halls of the NCI by another virologist and advised to "distance himself from the WPI" - that "they (unknown elements) were going to take out the WPI". Today this story resounds more convincingly - and gives some credibility to the lies that have been circulating over the last few months.




It was quite noticeable in the conversation with Dr. Stoye the other afternoon that he has zero idea of the outlines or the seriousness of this illness - and no desire to find out, preferring to splutter and grimace instead.




Complete disregard can also be placed at the feet of the stuff shirt Dr. Coffin and the haughty and diffident Dr. Huber, neither of whom show the slightest knowledge or interest in the reality or character of this patient group. They are too busy talking about themselves, preening and mincing about.




Something big is at stake here and the struggle for control is not a friendly one. The opponents of the association of MLV-related viruses are intent on doing one of two things. The first possibility is to completely knock out and bury the association that a retrovirus could be attached to this illness and other unknown illnesses. The second is that they want to blunt the XMRV connection, bury it, and wrest control of the entire issue for themselves. From a scientific point of view the first option doesn't make a whole lot of sense. The ferocity of the fighting indicates that the second possibility is more probable. Large powerful elements want to wrestle this retroviral connection to neuro-immune and other illness from the WPI and their collaborators. The negative consequence of this for the patients of ME/CFS is not calculated in their bargains.




The release of these papers and its immediate uptake by the UK and soon the US press (think of our vaunted NY Times and of these "riled up" CFS people) indicates that the time was calculated for greatest exposure and to neutralize the level of the response. It was a good trick and one has to admire it for its connivance/deviance. These contamination studies made it very quickly into the major news media, especially in the UK. Someone was waiting for them - it was a set-up. This was the hard take-out that has been expected for some time now. This is just another chapter.