met Stephen Goff

over XMRV

(Sound Medicine).






Op de website van Sound Medicine (Universiteit van Indiana) kunt U een podcast beluisteren

van een kort interview van dr. Kathy Miller met prof. Stephen Goff, retroviroloog, over XMRV.






XMRV: A Virus That May Cause Prostate Cancer


Air date: July 18, 2010

Host: Kathy Miller, MD


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Stephen Goff, PhD,

professor of microbiology and immunology & biochemistry and molecular biophysics

Columbia University


Next, very early research into a virus that may contain clues to prostate cancer - and chronic fatigue syndrome.


The virus is called X-M-R-V, which stands for xenotropic murine leukemia-related virus.


The term "murine" indicates that the virus used to be found only in mice.

But recently, itís apparently made its way into humans as well.


To learn more, Sound Medicine's Dr. Kathy Miller spoke with Dr. Stephen Goff, a microbiologist at Columbia University.



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