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Wessely/McClure vs. Mikovits






De kans dat de een groep 67% ge´nfekteerden vindt en de ander 0% is 0.


Een van de twee zit er volkomen naast. Maar wie?





Scientists may have found cause of ME


4:00 AM Saturday Oct 10, 2009





We also have data showing that the virus attacks the human immune system," said Dr Mikovits. She is testing a further 500 blood samples gathered from chronic fatigue patients diagnosed in London.


"The same percentages are holding up," she said.






Science News



New Virus Is Not Linked to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Suggests New Research


ScienceDaily (Jan. 6, 2010)



However, in the study, researchers found "no evidence that patients with CFS had the XMRV virus, after analysing tissue samples from 186 patients with CFS using sensitive molecular testing techniques.





"We are confident that our results show there is no link between XMRV and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, at least in the UK...."