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Voices from the Shadows









'Voices from the Shadows' is a breakthrough event.


In a compelling and intensely moving one hour feature documentary

these hidden voices can at last be heard.


It is an act of witness, supported by concerned professionals

who illuminate an injustice hidden in our midst.


We see for ourselves the love, integrity, determination and courage of the contributors

as they bravely share their stories.


These are stories of life and death and although difficult to believe in this day and age,

they are true: they happened. There are many, many others that remain untold.


Voices from the Shadows is the most important and significant film on pedia­tric ME that has ever been produced – Prof. Leonard Jason


The film was born of desperation, made by the mother and brother of a severe ME patient.


It is an independent and self-funded project.


Contributors to the film have helped and participated

by being interviewed,

by allowing us to use to their documentary material and

by giving feedback and approval at every stage.


We have been generously assisted by David Poore, an Emmy nominated composer who contributed the music for the film.



Voices from the Shadows Trailer

by Josh

3 months ago3 months ago:

Sun, Jun 5, 2011 12:05pm EST (Eastern Standard Time)


A trailer for 'Voices from the Shadows' -

a compassionate and moving exposé, bearing witness

to the tragic consequences of psychiatric prejudice and medical ignorance

about one of the most prevalent illness of the 21st Century.


A film sequel to the book 'Lost Voices from a Hidden Illness'.





Voices from the Shadows Trailer from Josh.