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De psychologen van de

British Psychological Society

gaan nog een stapje verder...








Waar Amerikaanse psychiaters, o.l.v. de American Psyciatric Association (APA),

zo'n beetje elk mens in een psychiatrisch hokje willen stoppen

in de nieuwe versie van de "bijbel" voor psychologen/psychiaters (klik hier en hier): DSM-V,

gaan de Engelse psychologen, onder aanvoering van de divisie Clinical Psychology

van de British Psychological Society (BPS), nog een stapje verder....


Zij dringen aan op een "nieuwe" kijk op psychiatrische aandoeningen (klik hier).

De biomedische visie zou plaats moeten maken voor een (bio)psychosociale invalshoek ,

omdat, volgens hen, "menselijk leed" vaak veroorzaakt wordt door psychosociale factoren.


Terwijl de wetenschap voortschrijdt en steeds vaker duidelijk wordt dat

veel psychiatrische aandoeningen (een) biologisch(e) oorza(a)k(en) hebben,

keert de vakvereniging van Britse psychologen/psychiaters terug naar "de basis":

Freudiaanse verklaringswijzen, met alle gevaarlijke consequenties van dien.


Is dit wat we noemen "vooruitgang de wetenschap"?

Verbetering van de hulpverlening bij psychiatrische problemen?

Allan Frances (projectleider DSM IV) zet er zijn vraagtekens bij.





Psychiatrists under fire in mental health battle


British Psychological Society to launch attack on rival profession,

casting doubt on biomedical model of mental illness


Jamie Doward

The Observer, Sunday 12 May 2013



There is no scientific evidence that

psychiatric diagnoses such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder are valid or useful,

according to the leading body representing Britain's clinical psychologists.




Dr Lucy Johnstone,

a consultant clinical psychologist who helped draw up the DCP's statement,

said it was unhelpful to see mental health issues as illnesses with biological causes.




But Professor Sir Simon Wessely,

a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and

chair of psychological medicine at King's College London,

said it was wrong to suggest

psychiatry was focused only on the biological causes of mental distress.


And in an accompanying Observer article

he defends the need to create classification systems for mental disorder.








The British Psychological Society Enters the Silly Season



By Allen Frances, MD |

May 15th, 2013


We have entered a silly season of interacting absurdities

committed by the American Psychiatric Association,

the National Institute of Mental Health, and the British Psychological Society.




And now the British Psychological Society [BPS]

has joined the parade of extremist posturing.


BPS proposes its own radically different (but equally quixotic) paradigm shift--

renouncing the brain as a source of mental illness and

questioning whether schizophrenia and bipolar disorder are useful constructs

for current diagnosis and treatment.


[T]he British Psychological Society [BPS] provides an empty and vague promise

that mental health problems might somehow be framed in

a completely new paradigm

emphasizing primarily psychological and social causations.


 All very pie in the sky stuff with no real world foundation.




Ambition has blinded the leaderships of DSM-5, the NIMH, and the BPS.


Each has prematurely promised a grandiose paradigm shift

when none is remotely possible.

Paradigm shifts emerge from new scientific findings--

not from wishful thinking or public posturing.

A little Hippocratic humility would be most welcome.


Humpty-dumpty institutional pride has led to a free fall in credibility

with grave collateral damage to patients and practitioners.


Patients confused by these ridiculous controversies

may well lose faith and miss out on needed treatment.


Practitioners (who are themselves generally humble and competent folk)

deserve leadership that is not so arrogant and bumbling.