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Debat m.b.t. ME (CVS)

in het Engelse parlement:

het tij lijkt definitief te keren









Op initiatief van Carol Monaghan e.a. vond onlangs een stevig debat in het Engelse parlement plaats.

Als we de politici mogen geloven, lijkt het tij te keren aan de andere kant van de Noordzee.


Enkele uitspraken van deelnemende politici die er niet om liegen:



Carol Monaghan (Glasgow North West) (SNP)


For patients, the impact of PACE is severe.


Patrick Grady (Glasgow North) (SNP)


It seems perverse that

people should be forced to take a course of treatment

that patently makes their condition worse.



Carol Monaghan


Some people consider ME to be a psychological condition,

despite the fact that people with ME are not allowed to be blood or organ donors.



Sir Edward Davey (Kingston and Surbiton) (LD)


Is there not a possibility that in future

a court could compensate ME sufferers

if they continue to be prescribed GET,

given that we, the Minister and medical professionals know the evidence?



Carol Monaghan


Less than 1 is spent annually on each ME patient in the UK.



Dr David Drew (Stroud) (Lab/Co-op)


As we all know,

what has happened in the past has been totally unacceptable.



Alex Chalk (Cheltenham) (Con)


Although ME patients, contrary to another myth,

are no more likely to suffer from poor mental health

or emotional problems than the general population,

adults with ME are six times more likely to die by suicide-

six times more likely.



Jim Shannon (Strangford) (DUP)


ME is a serious illness, which seriously affects so many in our communities.

These people are not lazy and they must not be made to feel like that.



Kerry McCarthy (Bristol East) (Lab)


Action for ME cited one case study of a man

who, as well as having ME, is registered blind;

he can only just perceive some light.

He said, "I'm not disabled by blindness.

"In comparison to living with ME,

my blindness is just an inconvenience".




There is a perception that ME is just about being tired all the time

but, as one ME campaigner said:

"The difference between ME and just feeling tired

is the same as the difference between having a shower and drowning."




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