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bitterest row yet

in a long saga

(The Independent).

Kritiek op


voor Wessely.








In the Independent verscheen afgelopen zondag een artikel waarin drie mensen

ongezouten kritiek leveren op het toekennen van de John Maddox-prijs aan prof. Wessely:

  • Prof. Malcolm Hooper (klik hier voor zijn open brief n.a.v. de prijstoekenning),
  • Countess of Mar, die recent in het Hogerhuis weer aandacht vroeg voor ME (klik hier),
  • Dr. William Weir, die in het voorjaar op de Noord-Ierse TV uitleg gaf over ME (klik hier).

Omdat het kennelijk te heet onder zijn voeten wordt, beweert Wessely, ten onrechte

(zie citaat boven), dat hij nooit gezegd heeft dat ME/CVS volledig tussen de oren zit.





ME: bitterest row yet in a long saga


Sanchez Manning

Sunday 25 November 2012



A British psychiatrist should be stripped of an award, fellow scientists said last night, as one of the most heated debates in medical science continued.




Malcolm Hooper ... said: "He's responsible for trying to make ME into a psychiatric condition when it's not. He has done very poor science."


Another opponent, the Countess of Mar, said: "I was absolutely horrified when I read he'd won the award and I would like to see it retracted."




But Professor Wessely ... said: "I have published several hundred papers on this over the last 20 years. These have been published in world-class journals such as the BMJ and The Lancet, subject to rigorous peer review. I have never said that CFS is all in the mind. I do not believe that, and have never written that. I have said repeatedly the exact opposite. I have published many papers on possible infectious triggers to the illness."