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What's going on?

Het verhaal

van de familie Baker

(CFS Central)






Het verhaal van de familie Baker (CFS Central) is zeker geen wetenschappelijk bewijs, maar

illustreert wel wat veel patiŽnten intuÔtief aanvoelen: ME/CVS lijkt een overdraagbare ziekte.






What's going on?


Monday, April 25, 2011





Baker was diagnosed with mono the next day and came down with chicken pox a week later. Next, his 12-year-old brother got chicken pox and mother became ill with shingles (a reactivation of the chicken pox virus) and Bell's palsy.


When his adult sister came to visit, she too got sick. And when Baker and his brother visited their father - his parents were divorced - his father became ill as well. In a matter of months, everyone in the family was sick with ME/CFS.




Genetics canít explain this entire family coming down with ME/CFS, because Keith Bakerís parents clearly donít share the same genetics, and neither does Baker: Heís adopted.


Interestingly, years after becoming ill, Baker met his birth family, and no one was ill with ME/CFS.


So what happened? Was there a common infectious agent that made the Baker family sick? That would explain the illness that afflicted Keith Baker and his brother and mother, and perhaps his sister as well. But Keith Bakerís father doesnít fit neatly into that scenario as he wasnít living in the house. The fact that the father got sick after his sons visited indicates the illness may be contagious as well.