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Dr. Mikovits

heeft retrovirussen

nog niet afgeschreven

(interview en boek)






Uit een interview van Erica Verillo met dr. Mikovitsblijkt dat zij, tegen de stroom in,

retrovirussen nog niet afgeschreven heeft als het gaat om ME/CVS en andere ziekten.


Je kan veel van Judy Mikovits zeggen maar niet dat ze geen moed heeft...



Voor het gehele interview, klik op onderstaand logo:






Enkele spraakmakende citaten uit het interview:


Dr Lipkin says he has found evidence of retroviruses in Montoya’s samples of ME/CFS patients,

but he claims this probably doesn’t mean anything because he also found them in the controls.


But what if the controls have a non-pathogenic strain?

No one has a detailed sequence that would enable anyone to know those answers.


And only 5% of the people infected with HTLV-1 ever get disease.


After 40 years we still don’t know the exact mechanisms of

how HTLV-1 or HIV cause disease and why the other very closely related strains do not.


The point is that

healthy people do not express human retroviruses endogenous or otherwise!


Of course there are missing links,

but to abandon a line of research that could help millions of people is just bad science.




[T]he title refers to the plague in science.


There is a plague in medical research.

We don't want to believe that medical research is corrupt.

We don't want to think that if they saw a child who was sick,

researchers wouldn't do something.


But yet, the government is corrupting science

– just as they did with ME/CFS and XMRV –

by controlling the funding and the message,

which ultimately determines what the journals publish.




Exposing Silverman's XMRV as a lab artifact

should not have ended the research.


The work Frank Ruscetti and I did to find the epitope

that the antibody recognizes in humans should have been completed.


Currently 6% of the population carries an antibody

that recognizes a gammaretrovirus envelope protein.


Six percent is 20 million Americans!




If HHS gave you the power to re-name CFS, what would you call it?


Non-HIV AIDS. It is an acquired immune deficiency, beyond a shadow of a doubt.





Plague: Human retroviruses, their diseases,

and ones scientist's intrepid search for the truth.


Kent Heckenlively, Judy Mikovits


Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing (4 Feb 2014)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1626365652

ISBN-13: 978-1626365650