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ME patients 'crying out for help'

(UTV) -

Interview met


dr. Weir en dr. Enlander






In navolging op de dokumentaire die twee weken geleden uitgezonden werd,

heeft UTV (Noord-Ierland) opnieuw aandacht besteed aan ME.


In deze dokumentaire komen naast patiŽnten, dr. Weir en dr. Enlander aan het woord.


De dokumentaire is door een ME-de-patiŽnt (?) op YouTube geplaatst (zie onder):








ME patients 'crying out for help'


Published Tuesday, 21 February 2012





Over here it's basically 'right, you have got ME, away you go' and you are just left to deal with it by yourself

Holly Maxwell-Norrie




Dr William Weir is the medical adviser to the ME Association.




Dr William Weir said: "There was a very prevalent school of thought that this condition was due to a psychological disorder.


"There are still many in the medical establishment who think it is just that, but the evidence I think nowadays is irrefutable in favour of immunological dysfunction.