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medisch ter dood veroordeeld

(Llewellyn King)








King (initiatiefnemer van de White House Chronicle) en Gasparello winden er geen doekjes om

in hun publikaties en recent uitgezonden tv-programma "Talking about chronic fatigue syndrome".


Eťn van die publikaties, die ook verscheen in de Sun Herald (zie hieronder),

kreeg de veelzeggende "Chronic fatigue (syndrome) puts millions on medical death row."


Om "Talking about chronic fatigue syndrome" te bekijken, klik op onderstaande afbeelding:




Voor de getuigenis die gast Deborah Waroff onlangs voor de CFSAC aflegde: klik hier.



Twee andere artikelen van de hand van Llewellyn King en Linda Gasparello:


The Awful Disease Washington Forgot

By Llewellyn King


Hearing from Those Who Suffer Mostly in Silence

By Linda Gasparello







Chronic fatigue puts millions on medical death row





News - Opinions

Saturday, Oct. 09, 2010



Iíve been walking on the sad side. My mailbox is jammed with dozens of heart-rending e-mails from sufferers of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), a terrible disease that s little understood, little researched and hard to diagnose.




Breaking down the e-mails, I find these commonalities:

  • Anger at the CDC and, to a lesser extent, the National Institutes of Health and government in general.
  • Tremendous suffering and horrendous problems with affording treatment; frequent misdiagnosis, as doctors use a "dustbin" approach that discards all the possibilities until they get to CFS.
  • Anger at the media and others for not taking CFS seriously enough.
  • The knowledge, with a cure rate of between 4 and 8 percent, that they are awaiting the inevitable in huge discomfort. They are on medical death row.
  • Sufferers describing themselves as "living corpses," alone with their suffering.