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Forgotten plague -

ME and the future of medicine

(inclusief trailer)








Forgotten plague - ME and the future of medicine


A film that tells the great under-reported medical story of our time.












Progress So Far 


Filmed Interviews:

  • David Tuller - UC Berkeley
  • Ian Lipkin, MD - Columbia University
  • Jose Montoya, MD - Stanford University
  • Anthony Komaroff, MD - Harvard University
  • Mike Van Elzakker (PhD Candidate) - Tufts University
  • Leonard Jason, PhD - DePaul University
  • Lori Chapo-Kroger, RN-Pandora Org
  • Derek Enlander, MD - Mt. Sinai Hospital
  • Hillary Johnson - Former Correspondent for Vanity Fair, Life, Wall Street Journal, etc. and Author of Oslerís Web: Inside the Labyrinth of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Roger King - Former Economist for U.N. Agencies and Author of Love and Fatigue in America
  • Linda Tannenbaum - Open Medicine Foundation
  • Andreas Kogelnik, MD-PhD - Open Medicine Institute
  • David Kaufman, MD - Open Medicine Institute
  • Ron Davis, PhD - Director, Stanford Genome Technology Research Center and OMI-MERIT Collaborator
  • Ashley Davis - Director, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Research Center at Stanford University
  • Staci Stevens, MS - Director, Workwell Foundation
  • Chris Snell, PhD - Professor of Exercise Science, University of the Pacific
  • Mark Van Ness, PhD - Associate Professor of Exercise Science, University of the Pacific
  • Dan Peterson, MD - Sierra Internal Medicine and Simmaron Research
  • Janet Smith, MD - Simmaron Research Board Member
  • Chitra Bhakta, MD - Orange County Integrative Medical Center
  • Jane Xenos, D.O. - Independent Physician
  • Judy Mikovits, PhD - Microbiologist
  • Charles Lapp, MD - Physician
  • Nancy Klimas, MD - Physician
  • Gordon Broderick, PhD - Computer scientist
  • Lubov Nathanson, PhD - Research scientist, Genomics
  • William Pridgen, MD - Surgeon
  • Carol Duffy, PhD - Microbiologist

Patients and Caregivers:

  • Jamsion Hill - Former Bodybuilder with ME/CFS
  • Toni Bernhard - Author, How To Be Sick
  • Patients of the San Francisco Bay Area Support Group (8 interviews) - We filmed the group meeting as well as private patient interviews
  • Patients of Tuscaloosa, Alabama (11 interviews)
  • Patient Applying for Disability
  • Patient riding electrically-powered chair down stairs in her home
  • Los Angeles
  • Severe 24-year-old Female Patient
  • Patientís Mother
  • Patientís Father