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Getting It Wrong on

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


New York Times)









In een opinie-artikel in de New York Times van 19 maart vatten David Tuller en Julie Rehmeyer

de onverkwikkelijke gang van zaken rond de PACE-trial nog eens samen voor 'buitenstaanders'.





Getting It Wrong on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Sunday Review, Opinion


Julie Rehmeyer And David Tuller

March 18, 2017



What are some of the treatment regimens

that sufferers of chronic fatigue syndrome should follow?


Many major medical organizations cite two:

psychotherapy and a steady increase in exercise.


There's just one problem.


The main study that has been cited as proof that patients can recover with those treatments

overstated some of its results.


In reality, the claim that patients can recover from these treatments

is not justified by the data.




Doctors and medical organizations must stop

recommending these two therapies for ME/CFS as treatment options.


Next, the disputed findings must be retracted.


Finally, health agencies must ramp up funding for medical research

to develop accurate diagnostic tests and pharmacological treatments.



A version of this op-ed appears in print on March 19, 2017,

on Page SR4 of the New York edition with the headline:

Wrong on Chronic Fatigue. Today's Paper|Subscribe