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van ME/CVS-patiŽnten

positief voor









Uit een urineonderzoek van 112 CVS-patiŽnten door Brewer en collega's bleek dat

93% van de patiŽnten positief testte voor drie belangrijke mycotoxines

(mycotoxines = gifstoffen of toxines geproduceerd door schimmels):

In hetzelfde onderzoek was/wordt meer dan 90% van de CVS-patiŽnten blootgesteld

aan gebouwen met waterschade, een belangrijke oorzaak van schimmelvorming.




Detection of mycotoxins in patients with chronic fatigue.

Toxins 2013, 5, 605-617. doi:10.3390/toxins5040605

Brewer JH, Thrasher JD, Straus DC, Madison RA, Hooper D.





Over the past 20 years,

exposure to mycotoxin producing mold

has been recognized as a significant health risk.


Scientific literature has demonstrated

mycotoxins as possible causes of

human disease in water-damaged buildings (WDB).


This study was conducted to determine

if selected mycotoxins could be identified in human urine

from patients suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).


Patients (n = 112) with a prior diagnosis of CFS

were evaluated for mold exposure and the presence of mycotoxins in their urine.


Urine was tested for

aflatoxins (AT), ochratoxin A (OTA) and macrocyclic trichothecenes (MT)

using Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assays (ELISA).


Urine specimens from 104 of 112 patients (93%)

were positive for at least one mycotoxin (one in the equivocal range).


Almost 30% of the cases had more than one mycotoxin present.


OTA was the most prevalent mycotoxin detected (83%)

with MT as the next most common (44%).


Exposure histories indicated

current and/or past exposure to WDB

in over 90% of cases.


Environmental testing was performed in the WDB

from a subset of these patients.


This testing revealed the presence of

potentially mycotoxin producing mold species and mycotoxins

in the environment of the WDB.


Prior testing in a healthy control population

with no history of exposure to a WDB or moldy environment (n = 55)

by the same laboratory, utilizing the same methods,

revealed no positive cases at the limits of detection.





Mycotoxin; Mold Exposure; Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; Stachybotrys