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PatiŽnten in Canada


Minister van Volksgezondheid

tijdens bijeenkomst

met concrete vragen








Twee patiŽnten in Canada (Scott Simpson en Jeffrey Smith, confronteerden Jane Philpott,

Minister van Volksgezondheid en als zodanig verantwoordelijkheid voor het beleid m.b.t. ME (CVS), tijdens een openbare bijeenkomst met drie concrete vragen t.a.v. haar standpunt t.a.v. ME (CVS).


ITV besteedde aandacht aan deze ontmoeting en ook een locaal nieuwsblad bracht verslag uit.






Canada uses "bird-dogging tactics" to force meeting with health minister



February 8, 2017

By Adriane Tillman




#MillionsMissing activists attended their federal health minister's "meet-and-greet" on Jan. 14th

to ask the health minister to respond publicly to their request that

she announce Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) is a biological Ė and not psychological Ė illness.


This tactic to pin down an official with a specific question in a public venue is called bird-dogging


Their persistence was rewarded with the health minister

agreeing to set up a meeting with the activists to discuss their demands for ME.


The activists, a group of 10, had invited CTV News

to broadcast their conversation with federal Health Minister Jane Philpott.